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Welcome! As you’ve likely concluded by now, my name is Michael Atkins and photography is one of my main passions.  All it took was one photography class early on in my education and I was hooked.  I fell in love with the idea that I could capture not only an image, but a feeling in a photograph.  To this day, that is my main goal when I shoot photos. 

After graduating from N.C. State University with a degree in Economics, I decided that sitting at a desk was not for me.  Instead, I followed my first dream of becoming a firefighter.   While I love (almost) every moment at the firehouse, the fire department’s rotating schedule allows me a fair amount of time away.  With this free time, I have been fortunate enough to pursue my passion for photography.

I am not in the business of “taking pictures” of people and places.  My goal is to forever secure the feeling of that particular moment when the camera shutter clicks.  I want people to look at my photographs and be "taken back" to that moment.  By getting to know my clients on a personal level, I ensure that our sessions are comfortable, natural, and fun.  I truly believe that no pose in the world can duplicate the emotion of a photo that captures a natural, magical moment.  My stylistic philosophy can be summed up as "creative photojournalism".

On the personal side of life, I'm married to an incredibly smart, gorgeous, art teacher.  We have two beautiful children who are my favorite test subjects!  Our favorite thing to do as a family is to take weekend trips to the Appalachian Mountains!

I would love to meet you over a cold drink at the local pub (or coffee), discuss your photography needs, and decide if we are a good fit to work together.  Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!   -Mike



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